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SPN highest level played

Was on the SPN site today and noticed they removed the option to change "highest level played". The rule states current or previous year so shouldn't you be allowed to edit it since it can vary from year to year?
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I would agree but in most cases highest level played would be the last year played with the exception of some of the older players
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The way it was explained to me is that your rank from the last year you played in any sanctioned event and than the current season you pick the highest rank between those 2 years. So someone who played C ball in 2012 but is playing D ball this year, they have to mark they are a C ranked player.

Some people were under the impression that if you didn't play any sanctioned events the previous season then you just rank yourself based on what you are playing this year. But that means a guy from A could take a year off and then potentially go play E..

So now to change your rank you have to contact SPN through email and they will update your profile.
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So what happens when you haven't played SPN in two years or more?
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Originally Posted by RedSoxFan13 View Post
So what happens when you haven't played SPN in two years or more?
Here in QC, a few guys stopepd playing C to go play with theire friends in E, they we're told that they need to be out of the game for 3 years before going down to E. They now check all the players list before each event a week in advance. Still not perfect but it's a start.
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