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Hot dots got heavier?

Back in 2016, I weighed a couple of (likely lightly) used SPN hot dots at 6.26oz and 6.31oz respectively. I think I weighed a lot more over the next year or so (but didn't write it down) and they weighed around the same.

Today, I weighed 2 new SPO HDs and 1 new SPN HD, and they were 6.70oz, 6.70oz and 6.60oz respectively. I then weighed a bunch of used HDs from this year or 2018, and they ranged from 6.63oz to 6.88oz! That's a pretty sizable increase (from 2016 to 2018/19) imo. I also weighed some old looking hot dots (prob from 2016 or 2017) and they were 6.21-6.31oz.

As a further control, I have a few evil BP 52s that were 6.49-6.53oz brand new in 2016 or 2015, that are currently 6.53-6.56oz (basically the same). Same scale today as 2016.

Anyone notice a difference in performance? Likely harder on bats if the COR/COMP stayed the same.
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