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Heavy Hitter
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Do you aspire to be on this list?


(listed in alphabetical order)

Menís Major Players List
updated as of January 15, 2009

(listed in alphabetical order)

NOTE: New Rules for "Watch List", review immediately

John Bailey California
Bryson Baker California
Rick Baker Indiana
Dal Beggs Florida
Darryl Beeler Oklahoma
Vince Bisbee Michigan
Robert Blackburn North Carolina
Randall Boone Georgia
Mike Bowlin California
Paul Brannon North Carolina
Ken Briggs California
Keith Brockman South Carolina
Scott Brown Minnesota
Geno Buck Minnesota
Rusty Bumgardner North Carolina
Wes Campbell Texas
Larry Carter Oklahoma
Mike Chamblis Florida
Tim Cocco Kentucky
Greg Connell Georgia
Ray Cowart Texas
Dennis Crine Nevada
Albert Davis Florida
Don DeDonatis, III Florida
Chaun Demars Minnisota
Jim Devine New Jersey
Dan Dillingham Florida
Chad Durick Florida
John Dutch North Carolina
Jeff Edington Ohio
Kevin Filby Ohio
BJ Fulk North Carolina
Shane Frederick Florida
Dewayne Frizzell Florida
Hank Garris Florida
JD Genters Georgia
John Glidwell Texas
Brian Goins Indiana
Jamie Gordon Michigan
Rich Goulash Florida
Wayne Habermehl Illinois
Jeff Hall North Carolina
Al Harris Wyoming
Kelly Hartman Oklahoma
Greg Harwick Arkansas
Shane Hatfield Ohio
Brett Helmer New York
Brian Higginbotham Washington
David Hood Tennessee
Dan Houchin Indiana
Roy Howerton Texas
Bob Hughes Arkansas
Ken Hutchinson Texas
Ronnie James Texas
Todd Joerling Missouri
Chris Johnson North Carolina
Brian Justice Tennessee
Matt King Ohio
Scott King Georgia
Scott Kirby Florida
Jason Kendrick Georgia
Randy Kortokrax Ohio
Howie Krause Ohio
Jeff Lanning Tennessee
Chris Lashley Kentucky
Tom Lasko New Jersey
Alex Laverico California
Tim Linson Ohio
Keith Martin Alabama
Mike Martin North Carolina
Todd Martin North Carolina
Tim Mattox Ohio
Brian May Ohio
Johnny McCraw North Carolina
Sean McDonald Michigan
Jeff McGavin Michigan
Bruce Meade Florida
John Mello Rhode Island
Bill Messina California
Jon Meyer Texas
Ernie Montgomery Tennessee
Brandon Murray Mississippi
Scott Nastally Michigan
Dewayne Nevitt Kentucky
Derick Oliver North Carolina
J. C. Phelps Kentucky
Dennis Pierce Kentucky
Tot Powers North Carolina
Andy Purcell Florida
Brian Rainwater Georgia
Wendell Rickard Louisiana
Ryan Robbins Indiana
Mike Rodriquez California
Dale Roe Michigan
Dennis Rulli California
Dan Sanchez California
Jose Santiago Florida
Danny Sarmiento Arizona
Dean Schmidt Indiana
Dennis Schrum Texas
Ken Scobee Texas
Rick Sedlacheck Ohio
Butch Smith Florida
Jeff Smith Virginia
Scott Striebel Minnesota
Ed Thomas Texas
Tom Thompson Ohio
Rusty Thorpe Minnesota
Bob VanEran Iowa
Jeff Wallace Florida
Shawn Watson Illinois
Will Watson Georgia
Mark Webber Tennessee
Brian Wegman Ohio
Tom White New Jersey
Derrick Williams Nevada
Donny Wilson Washington
Bob Wol**** Michigan
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chinese freak
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Nah I wanna just be a great dad to my kids and a luv machine to the wifey
GPSPL undefeated champs 2012
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can of corn
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hey no way!!!

i think i saw my name on there,,,

its right,,,,,,


oh, nope, n/m, i was mistaken lol
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chinese freak
Post Ore
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You really did have too many pops EH T . Jus j/k Bro
GPSPL undefeated champs 2012
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