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$5 + ham sandwich!
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GTG: ricer03, absolutX, thrill68, Grifter, 2MnyBtsNtNfSkl, prophet24, Vegas, Dave.C X2, badman, numbah37, Ph3n0m, fobstar49, stutterboi, Captain Crunch X2, Angels11, nocab, GRIFFY39, AsianLegend, Charlied, thetoaster99, the5abes X2, googles, WTP, JH19, Batman, Bramptonfire x2, Simmer12 x2, ASH29, ozo974, Frank, cplayer195, noahclark101, YooNaBomBeR, Pigz, Nubstaj, RC245, Balci14, Kavanagh, ECDragon, Leftside27, TMAC68, Thumper, Danmac2, MMMquez, 2.D, THACKER569, Blueoveryou x 2, Nitro GTG: slovakiansniper

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Originally Posted by adidascanada View Post
GTG: ricer03, absolutX, thrill68, Grifter, 2MnyBtsNtNfSkl, prophet24, Vegas, Dave.C, badman, numbah37, Ph3n0m, fobstar49, stutterboi GTG: slovakiansniper
"I had only one superstition. I made sure to touch all the bases when I hit a home run."
- Babe Ruth
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