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Originally Posted by alone in space View Post
So instead of players arguing and debating their “letter rating”, they’re now arguing and debating their “number rating”???

Not to mention, you’re now giving more opportunities for “A/5 & B/4 players” to pump balls at “D/2 & E/1 players”!!!

For local tournaments that mean nothing, ok sure do what you want. But when it comes to provincial/national qualifiers, what division are you really in if you have 2-10’s, 5-2’s, 1-4 and 4-1’s etc etc etc

The thing is, you remove the basis for debate.

A guy plays in a B tourney and beats teams W, X, and Y by 4 runs each then loses to team Z by 8.

His number is based on those results. The more he plays, the more roster combinations he's a part of... the more accurate his number becomes. Since it's based on actual results, there's no debate.

The most frequently raised concern with mixed level rosters is safety. I've played and umped for 27 years and have seen thousands of examples of A players playing with REC players....even seen Men's A players hitting on a field with Ladies REC players fielding. I can honestly say I've never seen a single person injured from this scenario. I don't think it's the epidemic some people are making it out to be.

That said, at all levels, I think it goes without saying that the pitcher needs to be wearing protection nowadays...but that goes for A players playing against other A players as well.

The mixed roster system is a "play and see" system. I'm personally ranked B, but anyone who knows me, knows that if I showed up to play D or E, no one would think I stand out or make a huge difference.

So we put these different combinations of rosters together and we see how that combination does. Depending on how they compete, we adjust accordingly and get better and better at placing everyone next time.

Obviously any team can play better or worse than what their "on paper" number is, but using what we know to be fair to everyone, then playing to see who does well that particular weekend is all we can ask for.
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