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Originally Posted by blueoveryou View Post
I think it's safe to say that most ppl will support the ideas and values you are putting forward. But where you are gonna win people over is how clear your execution plan is for this, and how much it will cost associations and league/tourney directors to implement it (both initial and ongoing costs).

If you tell everyone that you can do everything you listed AND that it wont cost anyone a penny or any time, then I'm sure it gets implemented this year. But I doubt that's the case.

It was about 15 years ago, that I sat in the SPN office and pitched this idea.
I asked for $12 per roster, with the thought that everything I've ever wanted done well, cost me at least something.

The two concerns I remember squashing it were;
-the worry that the other organization would use it
-players wouldn't pay the ~$1.00 each for it.

At this point in the game, I actually just want to see this concept take off.
I'd be willing to start an independent roster-checking service for $5.00 per team.

Organizations, or even just individual tournaments from any organization, would have teams send me their rosters electronically ahead of time to have them checked for competitive balance.

My only asks would be;
1) Stick to putting the teams in the divisions we determine, and enforce any roster changes we determine needed
2) Discipline and report any team using illegal non-roster players
3) Send me the scores afterwards

For tournaments of 50 teams or more, I'd even send a rep to their tournament to do random I.D. checks and collect all the scores ourselves.

These tournaments could then promote themselves as "Ranked" or "Tracked" to let their potential customers know that they are serious about checking rosters and providing their teams with the best effort to keep the divisions fair.

Would you choose a "ranked" tournament over an unchecked one for your team even if it cost each of you about 50 cents more?

I know I would.
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