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Highly recommended.

I am still pretty partial to my Worth Bal 17 EST & Dedonatis 18 Legit, and can't really see me changing from these as gamers.

But will say that FireFlex is nasty good with very little work into it so far. Very fun to BP.

It's just being so in tune with the Worths after swinging them so much last year and through the winter, that makes the Easton take a back seat as I am not as used to it. While both balanced and big barrel, there is a difference in feel and sweet spot location that takes some getting used to.

Easton is going to take market share for sure this year. All 3 of their bats available in Canada right now are pretty nasty and pretty GTG out of wrap. Nothing like Eastons of 2016 or prior in terms of break in.

FWIW - I voted Worth, doubt you'll see me game anything besides my 17 EST Bal or the Dedonatis Legit in the more serious ball I play.

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gonna give Easton a good go
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