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What is the call?

Runner on first, and I'm pitching.
After I pitch, I back peddle a few steps. I can see that the ball is going to be hit to my left so I start going that way. Hitter hits a three hopper to our second baseman. It's not hit extremely hard so I'm going for it, I reach out my arm as I'm running that way, just missed it, right after it pasts me, I nearly collide with the runner going to second. It's not like I took another 3-4 steps, it was like right after I missed the ball, I look and the runner was right there. Was I in the baseline, probably yeah. We brushed shoulders and he stops running. Even if I didn't get in his way he would have been out because it was hit right to our second baseman and he threw to two to get the out.

Call at the time was out at second. The ump and I talked after the game and was second guessing himself that the runner should be safe.

Out at second or safe?
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