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Association Rating System Changes

I'm having drinks and thinking how many of the Ontario slow pitch provincials seem to have less teams every year.

I'm thinking a way to ensure more teams can play and enjoy post season ball with their friends or even the odd local tournament if they adopt a rating system like some European pro hockey league's rate their players instead of letter rankings players are ranked by #.

For example

A Players 5 points
B players 4 points
C players 3 points
D players 2 points
E players 1 point

A division doesn't matter how many points you put on the field.

Here is an example of what a C division should look like

Max points allowed on the field at the C division is 38 points

So if you have a team in C
2 A Players = 10 points
1 B player = 5 points
6 C players = 18 Points
2 D player = 4 points

Total points = 37 points

I think this could draw more teams as more league teams could play with their buddies and enjoy the sport with buddies.
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