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10-21-2006, 04:37 PM
Will 100mph bats be banned by ASA?

I know nobody knows for sure, but what is your guess?

I don't think ASA wants to drive more players away, or deal with the hassle of further bat banning.

10-21-2006, 04:40 PM
I think they will.

10-21-2006, 04:41 PM
If ASA doesnt want any more trouble.. they would be better off to let the 100mph bats just die off peacefully.


10-21-2006, 05:16 PM
100% guarantee that they will not get banned. the only reason any of this talk started is because Freak prices started going through the roof. Since this "grandfathering" clause came into effect, there has been talk that it would be thrown away and all previously grandfathered bats would be banned with it. It's complete BS all this talk about throwing the clause away. ASA has NOTHING to gain by going back on this guarantee. Each year fewer and fewer of these bats exist so why cause ****?!!?
The only reason the talk is coming up again is because someone started a rumour about the bats being banned in 2008 and because it's far enough in the future, it would be easier to believe as it seems that ASA is giving fair warning. It's crap. I am glad though that this board hasn't been polluted with "When will ASA Ban the Freak?" threads like SBF is getting!!!!!!!!!

10-21-2006, 05:17 PM
I think that 100mph sticks will be history after 2007 season........ :(

10-21-2006, 06:00 PM
The only two bats that seem to be contentious are the Freak and the Syn2. There are a lot of "100mph" bats that people don't get too upset about (EST, PST) It would be wrong to ban all of the 100mph bats, the Freaks and Syns will eventually break and there won't be any problem.


10-22-2006, 10:24 AM
only concern that I have if ASA wants to ban 100mph bats, wouldn't that mean that almost all bats older than 2003 would be considered banned as there was no 100mph testing back then...

that means pretty well all worth bats,, est's,, wicked's, pst's, what even the lighthouse's and carl rose single walls,, and don't forget the 3dx's

heck what about a 2002 TPS gold,,,, is that not part of the ban because back then the 98 mph rule wasn't in effect..

all Demarini double walls again,,, all the mizuno teckfires,, classic , fury, rage , and crush..

and easton,,, reflex of old, with mother loads,, first connexions,, black, silver and even the gold one...


I think if ASA is considering banning 100mph bats ,,, its going to be way to many to even look at,,,

just my .02 cents worth...


10-22-2006, 11:22 AM
FYI, they will not be banned, it's a money thing for Miken and Easton who are big supporters of softball in North America. Also, contrary to popular belief the freaks are still being manufactured and will continue for many years to come. It's all about market share.

The Kurly One
10-22-2006, 02:46 PM
you know Freaks are still being made?

10-22-2006, 02:55 PM
How do YOU know that Freak 100's are still being made?........

I say the heck with it anyways........these grandfathered bats will all be dead in the next 2-3 it doesn't really matter....


10-22-2006, 02:57 PM
If freaks are still being made, why can you not get one, when you return a broken or cracked freak? You're giving a choice of a few other sticks, but no freak 100.

10-22-2006, 04:24 PM
I just read the quote from ASA. It's interesting considering what other stuff is floating on the web. anything is possible, it's just not what i heard. there are a lot of freaks for sale from suppliers in the southern states that have an seemingly endless supply of weights of freaks. it's been 2 1/2 years that they supposedly stopped making them. yet sports stores in texas, florida, tenessee etc can get you any weight you want. doesn't make sense. just my thoughts and what i've heard. like all the players switching teams, it's only fact when you see them on the field. As far as something else in return for a broken one, if i can sell them out the back door for 400 US, why would i give you one on a warranty return when i can give you an NRG or other "inferior" bat.

The Kurly One
10-22-2006, 08:21 PM
so you are saying Miken is controlling the prices of the Freaks? :confused:

10-22-2006, 08:26 PM
so you are saying Miken is controlling the prices of the Freaks? :confused:
sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.........

my understanding was that no retail stores were still selling them (and a NIW Freak for $400US is a steal believe it or not)

10-22-2006, 09:41 PM
400 us out of the factory, to select stores and "distributors" is what i was told, nothing concrete, just rumours. but my buddy in tenessee says he has info. if they eventually get banned, it won't matter except to NSA.

10-23-2006, 10:33 AM
I know somebody who works at Miken Headquarters in Caledonia, Minnesota.

That is complete bs. They are no longer being made 100%. Miken sold the remainder of their Freak 100's they had to Sports Diamond in Michigan last year......

10-23-2006, 11:40 AM
I feel they will be banned... In all honesty the only bats that people seem concerned about are the freaks and syn 2's which will be endangered species in '08 anyways. As mentioned it has always been about money and miken, easton and worth are losing money on the 98mph bats because people can still use the 100mph and purchase them online. These bats in the manufactures opinion should be out of circulation by '08 anyways and that is why i feel the ban will happen...just to enforce that we (the consumer) are forced to buy the 98MPH bat. No warranty will be good on the freaks or the Syn 2 in '08 as i have been told by several sports stores that the Syn 2's on their shelf need to be sent back to Easton for a store credit by '07. So i can see ASA saying the bat is no longer available for purchase after '07 then it should not be in play in '08. It sucks but it is business!

10-23-2006, 12:08 PM
Should be, yes.

Will they be, no.

Rusty Shackleford
10-23-2006, 02:32 PM
Damn I hope not, I just got my syn 2 in September. I'd like to get more than 1 season out of it. :(

10-23-2006, 02:50 PM
Must say either way it doesnt bother me. Only have 1 Freak left which is on its last legs anyway, and have been swinging the Ext for about 2 months now


Duke of Durham
10-23-2006, 03:28 PM
the 100 mph bats that have been grandfathered into the ASA will not be banned, if they were going to ban them it would have been done already.

10-23-2006, 03:40 PM
the 100 mph bats that have been grandfathered into the ASA will not be banned, if they were going to ban them it would have been done already.
Supposedly the original contract was signed until june of '08 and that is why people are saying banned in '08

10-23-2006, 05:00 PM
Some good feedback.....I think that while the manufactures would like to see the increase in sales with new products, but is it worth the loss of players? The amount of Syn2's I see around still is quite baffling. If the Syn2 and all other 100mph bats were banned, how many players will migrate to NSA? Not all players are like us whores and collect multiple bats, or know where to turn to get them at fair prices. I also think ASA players are tired with the year in year out "will it be banned" banter. If ASA was smart they would come out and announce that no grandfathered bats will be banned ever, that they will just fade away. That though is why I am a little leary, they have said nothing year after year which does nothing but hurt their rep. I honestly am not sure which way they will go, I hope they leave well enough alone and let the bat's die off, if not I guess I will swing my NRG more.

10-24-2006, 01:50 PM
Let ASA ban them, just more of reason for you all to play NSA. PTW5 made a good point with all the bats that they will have to list but we have all seen ASA try to change things before. It didn't last very long.

10-24-2006, 02:40 PM
Let ASA ban them, just more of reason for you all to play NSA.
......................................... thumbs-yes

11-06-2006, 04:09 PM
I think they will.

It sucks to guess right... :(

11-10-2006, 04:28 PM
Looks like the Poll was wrong. ASA does not care what we think. They march to their own tune and the all might dollar.