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Outstanding Bad Deals and Dealers

Please check this list before entering into a deal with anyone on this board.

This announcement is being used strictly for people with outstanding bad deals. If you've had a bad deal with someone on this board, please post appropriate negative feedback in the Feedback section. Once the deal is cleared up the offender's name will be removed from this list and put into the "Bad Deals Resolved" list below.

I'm not going back in history and picking up all the past bad deals that have already been resolved, but if you've got an outstanding deal at the moment post in here a link to the thread with the details and I'll update the original post. Posts will be kept low here so expect deletions of posts that aren't directly related to informing of a deal gone bad. Names will only be placed on this list once every effort has been made to resolve the situation.

Current outstanding deals:

Chappy - Resolved 04/08/09

The Enemy

Knockout King

Chris27 - Deal resolved by Paypal claim. Buyer beware.


Manny - Resolved (plus others in his history that were resolved with time..)

Tiny27 - resolved with forgy23 March 5, 2010 - Resolved. - Resolved Nov 12, 2010

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