Bat Reviews - Worth Mayhem M7 98 (2006)

Worth Mayhem M7 98 (2006)

Mayhem M7 98 (2006)
M7 Composite 72% Stronger
Approved: ASA (98mph)
BPF 1.20 (USSSA, NSA, ISA, and other associations)
100% Composite Softball bat
Sweetspot runs the entire length of the 14" composite barrel
Pro Pebble composite grip for max hold and feel
M7 Composite Frame / Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
Length / Weight: 34/27, 34/28, 34/30
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Review by allthis on 2007-02-11

Wow this bat has some pop. I bought one for 400 brand new last year and used it on a pretty mild day. On my first dozen hits with it, more than half of them cleared the fence. After about 50 hits, the bat had a composite rattle which did not effect the bat at all. The bat is getting hotter and hotter every time my team uses it. We have guys on our team that are 150-175lbs, that have put the ball farther then 300 feet. For the price they are now, it is well worth it to get one of these. Bat looks really good too.
Sweet Spot95.00
Balls used : .44/375
Temperature: 60-69
Bat Weight : 28oz
Bat Balance: balanced

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