Bat Reviews - Easton L5.0 Raw Power (2014) SP14L5

Easton L5.0 Raw Power (2014) SP14L5

L5.0 Raw Power (2014) SP14L5
The Raw Power L5.0 is a USSSA all composite 1-piece end loaded design. The L5.0 offers a stiff handle and maximum performance. RAW POWER USSSA END-LOADED 1-PIECE COMPOSITE DESIGN
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Review by bigcam406 on 2015-07-16

bought it this spring on sale for less than a hundred bucks.first impressions was very stiff for the first 50 hits.after approx 150 hits,it started to open up.since then,it continues to get better each time i use it.distance and sweetspot are good.i have read that this bat takes approx 500 hits to reach its full potential,so far im impressed with the performance and durability.good deal IMO.
Sweet Spot90.00
Balls used : .44/375
Temperature: 70-79
Bat Weight : 27oz
Bat Balance: endloaded

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