Bat Reviews - Louisville Slugger Z3000 Balanced (2014)

Louisville Slugger Z3000 Balanced (2014)

Z3000 Balanced (2014)
The next evolution in Slowpitch is here. Using updated technology and our patented TRU3 three-piece connection, the Z-3000 delivers maximum sting elimination, positive feedback and incredible pop on every swing, right out of the wrapper. The 100% Composite design allows us to layer the bat with thinner, high-strength walls for a lighter swing weight, better performance and lasting durability. With a balanced swing weight, the Z-3000 is built for performance.
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Review by Shaggy on 2014-08-26

I find this bat to be an improvement on the RI however still doesnt hold up to the Z2K OG. Solid pop, hotter out of the wrapper then the RI. Swings well through the zone. It does take a while for it to jump to that next stage of pop. Have seen them come loose at the connection points.
Sweet Spot90.00
Balls used : mixed
Temperature: 70-79
Bat Weight : 27oz
Bat Balance: balanced

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