Bat Reviews - Easton Stealth Comp + (2007)

Easton Stealth Comp + (2007)

Stealth Comp + (2007)
CNT Carbon Nanotube technology strengthens composite structures, optimizing designs for maximum performance Patented Extended Flex design lengthens the sweet spot by increasing the barrel flex towards the contour and end of the bat to provide maximum performance along the entire length of the barrel. Easton's patented Opti-Flex CNT composite handle technology provides maximum handle flex - two times greater than aluminum in the case of the SCN4. Patented ConneXion technology acts like a hinge to provide the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel for maximum bat head whip for a quicker bat and more power through the hitting zone. Patented IMX - Integrated MatriX technology optimizes the relationship between materials, design technologies and manufacturing process.

Does not comply with ASA standards, Does comply will all other major softball association bat performance standards including USSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF.
Sweet Spot98.29

Date Reviewer Rating    
2009-08-28  Tiny27  96.00   
2008-07-31  BUBBA GUMP  96.20   
2008-07-04  Bizzelle  98.60   
2008-06-12  lp81  99.80   
2008-05-10  Canseco33  97.00   
2008-01-28  BToro1  96.00   
2007-09-04  JohnMacEachern  98.60   

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